Things You Need To Know About Going To A Swinging Party

things you need to know about two swingers at a party in surrey

Sex is not a taboo subject anymore. People are comfortable with discussing bedroom antics with friends and the average number of partners we have in our lifetime has risen in recent years. Even sex parties, which were once reserved for only the very adventurous, are more popular than ever because people are now more open minded. However, there is still an element of mystery that shrouds a ‘swinging party’.

Safe sex , Respect protect and connect


Safety comes first No protection, no play. No exceptions.


What is ‘normal’? swingers usually perceived either ridiculously good looking or ridiculously suburban. In actual fact, swingers rarely either. Simply curious and open-minded singles and couples exploring their naughty side.

Code Of Conduct

There’s a strong code of conduct Courtesy, respect and an understanding of when someone is not interested in your advances are all essential at a swinging party.


Things You Need To Know About Going To A Swinging Party

Couples come as a couple and leave as a couple …. Single men are rarely invited on their own, and single women are called unicorns – rare, precious and very welcome.

What Not To Wear

You should invest in some decent underwear Knickers don’t tend to stay on for long at a swinging party, but, when they do, part of the fun is looking exceptional in your new Agent Provocateur underwear set so make a effort.

Relax and Enjoy Swinging Notice

Relax And Enjoy

Parties can be a bit of a social And people rarely strip naked as soon as they arrive. Instead, we encourage to relax and enjoy the party first – some even forbid ‘play’ until a certain time.

Don’t Judge

Everyone’s at it The beauty of a swinging party is that there’s no judgement. Bodies are bare, literally and metaphorically. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re ‘chatting’ to a shop keeper one minute and a teacher the next.

Bring A Bottle

Do bring a bottle especially at a smaller party held at a private home, yes, you bring a bottle. They’ve opened their home to you, the least you can do is turn up with a decent bottle of plonk.

It’s sexy A room full of champagne and  nakedness after a hard week in the office. Could be worse.

Everyone Has A First Time

It’s far less intimidating than you’d think Because, at the end of the day, it’s all just a bit of fun, isn’t it? And it was everyone’s first time once.

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