What is dogging?

Wife waiting in a car park for dogging action

Dogging Vs Swinging

Dogging is a British slang term of having sex in public while other people watch.

The phrase is thought to come from the term “walking the dog”. This is because dog walkers used to happen across couples getting amorous outdoors.

The practice usually occurs in car parks and woodland and frequently involves strangers in an either active or voyeuristic role.

In 2003, the term “dogging” rose to prominence. It was reported that the craze was sweeping the internet as exhibitionists used the web to set up meets.

There is now internet evidence that the practice has spread further across the globe. As far afield as the US, Canada, Australia, Scandanavia, Barbados and Brazil.

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How popular is public sex in the UK?

Public sex seems to be something of a national hobby for a great many Brits.

Last year a survey revealed that 43 per cent of Brits admitted to getting it on in a public place.

The study conducted by TV channel Alibi showed that it was in fact the second most common crime. After speeding, people admitted to having committed.

Dogging Vs Swinging

Where are the UK’s most notorious dogging sites?

Dogging seems to be pretty much nationwide. With virtually every county apparently having a site according to various hook up websites.

The activity seems particularly popular in South London. One survey claimed that 12 of the 21 most popular sites were in the area.

Kent also featured highly on the list. But people getting frisky al fresco is by no means restricted to the South East.

What is swinging?

Dogging Vs Swinging , Two ladies in the bed with a guy

Swinging…the name given to the trend which sees couples hook up with other people or couples for sex.

Also known as wife swapping, the sex trend is practised as a fun, sociable activity which brings couples together… literally.

Some couples view it as a way to strengthen their relationship. While others just swing because they want to spice up their sex lives.

It took off in the (swinging) 60s. Sexually liberated attitudes and the increased availability of contraception paved the way to wife swapping.

How common is wife swapping?

The internet has made swinging more common among Brits.

An estimated 130,000 sign onto swingers site Fab Swingers every day.

A study commissioned back in 2008 suggested that, even then, there were an estimated one million swingers in the UK.

Seventy per cent polled said they experienced no jealousy.

Overall I don’t think dogging is much different to swinging , just the location is the difference , what’s your view on this comment below

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